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Web based

Web Based Database Management

Make changes to your Database right from your web browser, it's that simple. With just few clicks you can migrate Database code from a development/UAT environment into production. SQLMinder also makes it easy to roll back your changes.
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Role Based Access

Clear separation of duty

SQLMinder provides clear separation of duty. With roll-based access control, direct access to each environment can be managed at user level. DBA/Operations can strictly control the changes in the higher environments like UAT and Production. The changes can be easily propagated between environments with a simple click of a button.
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Full Audit Trail

Keep track of everything

SQLMinder keeps track of all changes applied to all environments. The questions like "Who deployed this change?", "When and why was this change deployed?" are a thing of past when you use SQLMinder. It also sends notification for each change to all associated stakeholders. You can dig into details of each change with full audit trail.


What is SQLMinder?

The SQL code deployment in it's current form is a manual, tedious process and is error prone. It also lacks traceability, and there are hardly any solution available to efficiently deploy the SQL code into different database environments.

SQLMinder is an innovative database management solution for enterprises that takes the complexity out of SQL scripts management and deployment. SQLMinder allows quick, accurate and repeatable deployment of SQL source code changes (packages) from your CMS to different environments.

SQLMinder uses a "Package" as basic structure to organizes all your SQL changes. You can create as many packages as you want, with individual SQL or combination of SQLs within them. Packages can be easily propagated between environments (e.g. from the development environment all the way through to the production system and vice versa).

Private/Public Cloud Based Solution

SQLMinder is a SaaS-based application which can utilize immense power of wide variety of cloud platforms. You can decide to use your own instance of SQLMinder in the cloud, or take advantage of our ready-to-use cloud-hosted offering.

If you are currently not working in the cloud or your organization policies do not allow taking the data out in the cloud, you can deploy hosted version of SQLMinder on your company's infrastrucutre. The deployment is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. In future when you decide to move to the cloud, the migration is simple and easy.

Clear Separation of Duty and Fine Grained Access Control

SQLMinder provides a clear seperation of duty. It provides you role based, fine grained access control to the schema and the database environments to ensure that only designated people can make database changes. For example, developers can be given access to deploy the changes in development environment only, and DBA or operations can deploy the changes in the higher environments. This allows organizations to control the access to UAT or production systems - production database passwords no longer need to be shared with developers.

SQLMinder makes sure that the same SQL code is applied in all the environments and only by the authorized personnel.

Audit Trail

One of the biggest advantages of using SQLMinder is it's ability to maintain full audit trail of all the SQL code changes across different database environments. The tool records complete history of all the changes that have been made to a particular package over time along with the name of the users who have made the changes. Package history view provides the view into a package's journey from development to production environment


With work getting increasingly distributed, many times in a global distributed team it is very difficult to keep track of the changes made by the users.

SQLMinder provides notification feature to notify users about the changes and deployment history of package via email and in-app notifications. This allows integration problems to be discovered earlier in the cycle and thus saves a lot of effort and redundant work.

Notifications are configurable and emails can go to individuals or the distribution groups. Every time there is a package deployment, promotion, demotion etc., a notification is sent to every user who has ever worked on that package as well as to the schema and the environment owner.

Ease of Use

One of the main design principal of SQLMinder was the ease of use and simplicity. There is no learning curve involved to use SQLMinder. Being a web-based system, it does not require and software installation and is very easy to use. You don't need to learn new language or coding skills etc. All the SQL coding is still done in standard SQL for all the database changes.

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